Hello Canada !

It’s Wednesday, August 9th, I just arrived in Montreal after almost 8 hours of flying with Air France.
Once unloaded at the airport, everything was simple! A service called “Service regroup√©” welcomed us and took us to our room for the first night in the capital of Quebec.

This evening was very strange, a mixture of excitement and fatigue was present.

That’s right! Another 10 hours of bus to reach our last destination for the next 4 months: Matane!

How was this little town gonna be? How are the classes going to go? Who are going to be my future roommates? Lots of unanswered questions.
But it’s also a great adventure, I was going to get to know a new culture, new people….


The 10-hour bus ride went by very fast for me! As soon as I arrived, the welcome from Quebecers was pleasant and I immediately felt at ease.

A new life for four months began.

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