Mid-term = NEW YORK

There it is! It’s vacation week… well… of break, as they say here!

Everything is ready: camera, suitcases, travel supplies.

The departure is scheduled at 1 am… it’s the opportunity to make a good movie night (Harry Potter) with friends waiting for the beginning of the trip!

At midnight, it’s time to go to the CEGEP to drop off your belongings on the bus and settle down. Good big disappointment barely entered the bus… Where was the luxury bus promised on the flyer?! I mean, it’s okay, we’re going to NEW YORK!
It was a dream that I never thought I would achieve, a bit like Canada’s… I heard it all the same year!

16h00… the 15 hours of journey have passed, more than a few minutes before seeing the top of the skyscrapers appear.

16h30… Here we are! It was like in the pictures, it’s all American style: BIG, really big!

During these 4 days, we visited the city in marathon mode. We saw everything we wanted to see: Empire State building, Time Square, Central Park, Broadway, 5th Avenue, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and finally, the famous hot dog vendors!

This trip full of memories and visits was really exhausting. But what a good thing it was!

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